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Budgets should be structurally balanced without budget gimmicks or borrowing.  Deficits provide opportunities to shrink government and increase efficiencies.  Surpluses should be returned to the taxpayer.


Law enforcement is critical in the government's role of protecting life and property. It’s critical that law enforcement investigate and prosecute property and violent crimes.  Good policy combined with good execution provide a deterrent and bring justice to victims.  Senate Republicans have a demonstrated history of cracking down on crimes threatening the safety of Arizonans. As our nation has seen alarming rates of violent crime, we will continue to implement measures that keep Arizonans safe. Those harming our communities, whether through violent crimes, human trafficking, or drug trafficking, must be held accountable. We must make quick and aggressive moves to address the fentanyl crisis in our state and provide consequences to those responsible for bringing this deadly drug into our communities.


Arizona has been a leader on conservation and water management. Housing which just uses 18% of all water uses the same amount of water with 7.5 Million people as it did when we had 1.5 Million people.  With good policy which includes conservation, augmentation and strategic water transfers,  Arizona can continue to grow and protect its aquifers. 


Government is too big. We need to block any efforts by the Governor, or special interests, to expand the size of government beyond its limited, constitutional function. The conservative

principles of reducing bureaucracy, restraining executive authority, preserving individual liberties, and protecting opportunity and prosperity for every Arizonan should always be a top priority.


The primary driver of inflation is federal spending that exceeds revenues.  In other words, printing money.  While we can’t control what happens in DC we can do all we can at the state level to combat inflation.  Recently republicans have passed relief such as tax rebates and tenant paid rental tax cuts.  We are now working on an initiative to lower gas prices by increasing the number of blends that can be used in Maricopa County.


Parental choice must be protected.  Arizona kids deserve a great education and a quality teacher at the front of every classroom. With the historic education investments made by Republicans over the last decade and the new plan to raise teacher pay, Arizona will soon be in position to not only lead the nation on education choice but Arizona teachers will make more than the national average for teacher pay.


Roads and highways are critical to a prosperous Arizona.  We need to make sure that taxpayer funds are used efficiently.  Wasteful transit programs that have little to no cost recovery should be elimited or phased out.


Election integrity is critical to fulfill the constitutional right to have government by the consent of the governed.  We must do all we can to make sure our elections are transparent, trackable, and publicly verifiable.

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